WASD/Arrow Keys = Move
Enter = Select

STARKID’S OBSTACLE COURSE is a skill-based game that has you problem solving the whole way through. There is no shooting, there are no explosions, and the rules are very simple; Find your own path through each level without getting hit. There are 60 levels in the game, 10 levels for each of the 6 courses. 

Each level demands a unique understanding of its patterns in order to be beaten. Respawns are instant and the levels are short. Savour your failure as you come to understand the subtle secrets of each level. Think you're up for the challenge?

A perplexing challenge lurks beneath this game’s simple appearance.

Lose yourself in focus.

Inspired by The World's Hardest GameI Wanna Be The Guy, and the complex patterns found in bullet-hell boss fights.

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